Simple pricing

Our competitive pricing and an annual subscription model makes it easy to move to Phill. We will provide you with a customized pricing model that suits you and your businesses today and in the future.

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Valid employee certifications are essential to having your workforce ready to work, any time. Philltracks your employee’s certifications, even storing an image of the certification in one place using our certification tracking application.

Custom PDFs
Simply putting your logo and colors on someone else’s PDF form doesn’t make it yours. Our custom PDF’s go to the next level as your collected data is shown on your existing designed paper based forms. Simply load an electronic copy of your forms, map the corresponding fields and your collected data is shown on them for delivery to your customer.


In the palm of their hands, field service workers have access to the most current work orders, field tickets, change orders, pre and post trip inspections, hazard assessments, load tickets, fuel-up records, tool box talks and more. Avoid having field workers completing outdated forms, or having to run back to the office to replenish their forms supply with electronic forms.

Solution Availability

eFORMance has consistently maintained the availability of its cloud services above 99.9%. The eFORMance cloud is implemented with redundancies, and has been designed to eliminate single points of failure. All client data is saved in redundant storage. Our operations team receives timely alerts in the event of any system performance or availability issues. All availability issues are communicated in a timely manner via email.

Avoid typing by dictating text right to Phill using your mobile device's voice-to-text capabilities.

Signature, picture & file attachment capture

Collect authorization with real signature capture directly on your device using the touch screen. Add pictures to your form to provide a real image of on-site inspections, installations, audits, verifications and problem situations.

Advanced input controls
Control how you input data into your forms using dropdown lists, text fields as well as quick select features such as radio buttons, multi-selects or true/false options. Phillis fully customizable and allows you to store equipment, employee and customer information that is used to automatically populate form fields eliminating the need to type in data. As this information is updated, form users see the most current information in real time.


Phill is eFORMance's web-based Field Management System (FMS) for Field Data Collection and Reporting.

Electronic field data collection increases productivity, quality of service and helps to ensure compliance. In addition, electronic data collection reduces time to invoice, helps to eliminate lost revenue, helps to manage and monitor subcontractors, eliminates duplication of tasks, and increases visibility of field operations to management.

What can Phill do for you?

Increase productivity with forms on phones & tablets

Phill enables mobile users to access your entire office's form library from the field, collect vital work data and submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere and in real time.​

Manage users, permissions, employees, equipment & customers
Quickly manage and organize your mobile workers into useful groups based on region, forms or business process. Update groups with changes to form data and add or remove users as your organization changes.

Improve quality of service and compliance tracking

Phill's desktop web portal is the administration interface of the application, enabling administrators to customize, mobilize and monitor all business processes in real time.

Create unlimited custom mobile forms
Create your own mobile forms with the easy to use drag and drop form builder, entirely customized to your business needs. Your forms are private, and can only be seen and used by your team members.

Never lose another form again
With electronic forms, losing paperwork is ancient history. Store your data indefinitely and export into your own paper based forms library to maintain your current forms designs and branding.


Track your jobs, equipment and employees with Phill's scheduling system. Using the popular grid whiteboard display format, Phill shows you the dispatch and scheduling information you need to see, the way you want it. Whether it is past, current or future jobs, employee schedules including time off and vacation days or equipment maintenance schedules, Phill handles it all in real time. 

Fully compatible
Phill works on any device and operating system that has an internet connection, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or on a Web browser.


With Phill's interactive reporting system, see information that's been collected the way you want to see it. With multiple filter, sort and grouping options, you can visualize trends, or look at specific information quickly and easily.  Phill also allows you to create, format and save commonly used reports so they're at your fingertips when you need them.  All reports can be exported to commonly used formats.

Cloud Security

All of our cloud services are hosted in Digital Ocean’s Canadian data centre (TOR1), which maintains compliance with a wide range of international and industry-related standards. Data transmitted between our application and cloud systems is encrypted using SSL. Information stored on our servers is encrypted.

Custom interactive reports

Interactive reporting functionality means you can drag and drop columns to group data, as well as filter and sort on single or multiple parameters. Create, format and save commonly used reports so they're ready when you need them.

All data and reports can be exported to commonly used popular formats like CSV to easily use the data in other company applications.